The most Frequently Asked Questions we recieve are:

1) What are your delivery methods & is there a minimum quanity required?

Our bulk products are available for delivery in various sizes depending on commodity with load sizes of 55/120/155 cu/yrds (we do not blow shavings in). Our bag shavings are delivered in quanity ranging from a minimum of 100-1300 bags/per delivery. Our hay and straw square bales are delivered with a minimum quanity of 100-600/per delivery (small bales) & 10-75/per delivery (large bales).


2) Where do you quote & offer delivery service to?

We quote on & offer delivery service to anywhere in Ontario, Quebec and the Northern U.S.A. Delivery price will vary depending on location.


3) What payment options do I have to pay for your product?

Payment is due upon delivery and we do not offer any credit terms. Payment options include Interac (if advised in person), Visa, Mastercard, American Express (up to a limit of $5000 in person or prepaid with authoirzation form) as well as cash or cheque (due upon delivery/NO postdated & additional service charges rendered if NSF). Interest is charged to overdue invoices.


4) What is your return policy on any damages/refused product?

Our return policy on any damages/refused product is: Any product sold by Glen Isle Farms Ltd./Superior Shavings Supply can be returned for credit (in delivered condition) when legitimate concerns are made (determined by Glen Isle Farms Ltd. management).


If you have other questions that are not covered here please feel free to Contact Us

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