Bedding Materials

• Bulk Shavings/Sawdust delivered in 3 different sizes: small (55 cu/yrds), medium (120cu/yrds), large (155cu/yrds)

• Softwood Shavings available in bags (2.8 cu/ft, 3.0cu/ft, 3.25cu/ft) plastic or paper (special order) - large quantity of bags in stock & ready to ship.

• STRAW available in large or small squares( Wheat/Barley) long straw or chopped (pre-order only)



 • HAY available in large & small squares (Alfalfa and Timothy) or grass only mix

- Available in large & small squares
- High quality horse hay (alfalfa/timothy mix)
- Low potassium hay for dry cows
- High quality alfalfa hay for dairy rations
- Economical mixes for beef cattle


Heating Wood Pellets

• Bulk loads for pellet stove's (min. 15 ton order)
• Bags available on skids (min. trailer load order)


Licenced Dealer for Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds (since 1989)
(Hastings, Norwood, Lakefield & Peterborough area.)


Licensed Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds Dealer